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To provide users with smart control mode of home appliances.


Let everything be interconnected. Become the world's leading designer of smart appliances.


Innovation: This is the reason why "I am me".

Responsibility: Broadening the limits of life is a wonderful experience, so I should share it for everyone.

Pursuit: Driving personal and organizational progress is fundamental to the pursuit of self-transcendence.

Teamwork: We are only 1 or 0 of the matrix, do not exist alone.

Latest News

Auto Voltage Converter

500W Auto Step up/down Voltage Transformer, no need for manual settings, and no worry about power conversion anymore.

  • Automatic Voltage Conversion Technology(US Invention Patent No. US9225259 B2).

  • High efficiency toroidal transformer with stable output and low consumption.

  • 24*7 constant work time with 100% capacity.

  • Soft-start Function.

  • Overcurrent protection.

  • UPC: 190835292982.


Air Pollution Detector, a cute device, could detect polluted air by TVOC and warn people at the first time.

  • iAQ-core sensor inside, Swiss technology.

  • Charge 2hrs could provide about 20hrs worktime.

  • LED and buzzer take the initiative to judge and alarm.

  • Compact size, portable.


Cooldoctor, a remote control artwork that can measure electricity, protect air conditioning.

  • Remote control air conditioning.Electricity measurement.

  • Air conditioning power protection.

  • Humidity temperature monitoring.

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