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Future Creator: Seyas

Future Creator: Seyas

        The 1st Phase of 123rd China Import and Export Fair ("Canton Fair") was kicked off at the Guangzhou International Exhibition Center on April 15, 2018. As the biggest fair in the world,  Canton Fair gathered more than 25,000 companies for exhibition this time. Seyas Electronics Co., Ltd also attended this fair with their classic smart home product series, receiving high appraise from the overseas customers. 

        According to official report, the total exhibit area of the Canton Fair was over 1.2 million square meters and the total number of the exhibitors exceeded 60,000. This phase covered 9 categories  including electronics, home appliances, lighting products, vehicles & accessories, hardware & tools, construction materials, chemicals, energy and import sections. Seyas Electronic Co., Ltd was exhibiting at Booth J07, Hall 13.2. 

        Seyas is an innovative leader in smart home industry, aiming at intelligentization improvements to people’s lives. From designing to manufacturing, they keep following the principle of balance between humanity and smart technologies. Therefore, the products created by Seyas are all composed of distinct artistic styles and smart functions, which is perfect combination of aesthetics and practicability for peoples’ lives. 

        Seyas’ booth was furnished in bright red color, which was exceptional eye-catching among the the exhibitors. The display included PLC, ZigBee hub, smart mirror, bamboo light, smart night light, smart curtain, smart switch, smart grill, smart lock and so on, covering a wide range of application scenarios. Visitors found great fun from the smart mirror and smart home system by trying them physically. Also the smart grill was adored by the visitors because of its delicate design and powerful functions.

Highlight 1: Smart Grill

        According to the presentation, Seyas Smart Grill is able to offer users the latest and most comprehensive solutions for food. It is just a piece of cake to prepare steak at Michelin chef’s level by using the smart grill. With the ultra precise temperature control system, the grill can reach every 1accurately. Moreover, the machine can work with APP, so users can remote-control the cooking process and set themselves free from the long and boring cooking time in the kitchen. The APP can update recipes for users, and let them enjoy the fun from trying up a diversity of cuisines. Besides steak, the smart grill is capable of making good use of a great variety of food such as lamb, pork, chicken, fish, seafood and tofu to create dainty dishes. The slide-out tray design of the grill, which makes the grill easy for cleaning, also left deep impression to people .


Highlight 2: Smart Mirror

        During the fair, Seyas Smart Mirror was adored by the buyers a lot too. This smart mirror consists of a mirror and a big Android tablet. Besides being applied as a mirror, the device can be found with a variety of practical functions. Users can monitor his/her weights, receive health analysis reports, play music and use multiple APPs from smart mirror. You can even control your smart home system with it. The slim shape and delicate design of the smart mirror left deep impression to buyers, and the interesting entertainment programs kept them lingering at Seyas’ booth. 

Highlight 3: Smart Home System

        According to the presentation, Seyas smart home products such as ZigBee Hub, Smart Curtain, PLC, Smart Switch, Smart Lock, Smart Bamboo Light and Smart Night Light, are embodied with the latest and most advanced smart technologies of remote control, automation and interconnection. This intelligent and efficient human-computer interaction brings people striking visual impacts, and intense affection towards the smart life.


        As the largest international trading fair in the world, Canton Fair has great significance and profound influence to the Chinese enterprises. In this new era with intelligent technologies fast growing, Seyas Electronic Co.,Ltd is always insisting that the customers come first. We will keep offering the first-class products and services and bringing more surprise and fun in life to people. We will work harder in the smart home field to deliver more and more creative and outstanding “Made in China ” concepts and products to the world. 

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