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Seyas’s Show in Cebit 2017 Germany

Seyas’s Show in Cebit 2017 Germany

 On March 20th 2017, the Centrum der Büro-und Informationstechnik (CeBIT2017) was grandly opened in Hannover Germany. With the motto of “D!conomy - no limit”, CeBIT exhibited the achievements in the fields of IoT(Internet of Things), AI(artificial intelligence), UAV(unmanned aerial vehicle) and autonomous systems. The exhibition showed to the audience the values brought by digital interconnection techniques. More than 3,300 exhibitors from over 70 countries and regions, as well as more than 500,000 professionals around the world, joined in this feast to showcase the latest products in Big data, IoT, Cloud computing and IT security. 


        Since the theme of last year "CeBIT-China Year" created win-win cooperation between a great many Chinese and German enterprises last year, more Chinese companies joined in the exhibition of this year and they displayed outstanding ideas and products of great creativity and practicability. For Seyas, they exhibited a number of core products too, showcasing the smart techniques and solutions that they achieved throughout 2017.

        CeBIT is the largest ICT Show(Information, Communications & Technology) in the world. On the first day of the exhibition, Seyas, specializing in R&D, design, production and global sales of smart home appliances, successfully attracted much attention from the audience at their first show. The audience were so excited to try the products from Seyas and sent a lot of inquiries to the new exhibitor.

        Introduced by the manager, Seyas pays full attention to the details of life and focuses on the integration between products and life. The booth of Seyas was designed all by the founder. Products were hung from the top of the booth, which was easy for visitors to see and check at 360° angle. It created interactive atmosphere between people and products, and provided people with better using experience.

        Seyas Air Pollution Detector (APD) which was exhibited in the Cebit, made with Swiss technology, is aimed at detecting air quality. Its small and portable design, accurate and fast detection attracted much attention from the audience. 

        CoolDoctor, applied with Swiss chip, is capable of analyzing the conditions of the Air Conditioner. By monitoring the temperature, humidity, voltages and currents, CoolDoctor could keep the rooms constantly comfortable and provide healthy living ways for people.

        The most popular product of Seyas at the exhibition was the smart lighting system. According to the presentation, the smart lighting system applied multiple DIY settings and remote control function. "Most of us are confronted with a similar situation every working day-we are shocked to be awake from wonderful dreams by an alarm clock.” said by the Seyas sales manager, “However, the best way to get up is to wake in a natural way, like the primitives, they followed the sun moves for working and living. Inspired by this theory, Seyas created a Smart Lighting System that imitates the lighting condition of the sun in a day, which helps people to wake up in a pleasant and peaceful way. For example, when you set 7am as morning alarm, the smart lighting system will gradually brighten up the room as the sunrise and reach to the proper extend of luminosity to wake you up. Besides, this lighting system can  provide people with different lighting modes according to different time of a day.”

        With functional products, considerate services, people-oriented designing concepts and comfortable user experience, Seyas attracted great attention in this exhibition.

        It is indicated from the show that “Made in China” products have been favored and recognized by more and more international customers. By taking this chance, Seyas will keep focusing on the development of smart home appliances, and react promptly to local markets with professional and customizable solutions, showing the world China power with Seyas brand. 

        Seyas Electronic Co., Ltd is always devoting to "addition and subtraction" for modern lives. It continues to innovate, improving the users’ home life quality and making life comfortable by intelligent technology; and also to simplify, providing users a simple, close-to-nature home appliance experience.


        "Addition and Subtraction" is Seyas’ intention but not all. Seyas, depending on the scientific research from the university, adheres to sustainable growths in intelligent technology; pursues product concepts of safety, love, hi-tech, and energy conservation; and seeks the balance among human, technologies and environment. By maintaining high-end intelligent technology and striving for comfortable, simple and natural lifestyles for people, Seyas will be generating infinite power to create the future. 

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