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Embrace the Era of Intelligence and Play the Symphony of Hi-tech and Aesthetics

Embrace the Era of Intelligence and Play the Symphony of Hi-tech and Aesthetics

        The CES was successfully kicked off by the New Year of 2018. As the largest and most influential electronics show in the world, CES was once again held in Las Vegas. This grand show, as spectacular as that of last year, gathered the best and core manufacturers in traditional consumer electronics and IT industries. The display of this show, included the most advanced technological concepts and products, attracting a number of amateurs, users and people in the high and new technology fields. This great feast was leading new trends of technological developments and urging a revolutionary era of intelligence. 

        The show started from January 9th and lasted to 12th. The major hi-tech companies did everything to attract people by showing off their creative concepts and products. Chinese companies were particularly eye-catching in this CES. As a new and promising star in this industry, Seyas Electronics Co., Ltd showcased their best designs to the audience too. The display included the latest artistic lights, ZigBee hub and smart grill. All these substantial products derived from primitive ideas, aiming at improving people’s life quality by IoT. Seyas’ show, is like a melodic symphony, combining abundant elements of technologies and aesthetics. 

        Seyas does not only focus on the techniques, but also pursues easier and more convenient life ways for people. The inspiration for those special designs from Seyas such as bamboo light series, wooden hive light and fireworks light were generated from the nature. Against the red background of Seyas booth, these lights looked so shining and stunning that crowds of audience were attracted to linger at Seyas’ booth. People were astonished by the creative idea and delicate handicraft from these Chinese stylish lights. Moreover, the smart night light, fireworks light and string lights also drew great attention from the visitors. 

        The hottest topic for CES of this year was IoT again like last year, but this time the exhibitors brought about new fun for it. The ZigBee hub and PLC(Programmable Logic Controller) by Seyas were adored by a big audience. According to the presentation, ZigBee hub is the controlling center of the smart home network system, which is able to connect more than 200pcs smart devices together. However, PLC has been defined as a new controlling way for the smart home system. Its preprogramming function allows users to edit scenarios on the APP in advance, so that users can get into the preset scenarios directly by controlling the PLC. With the help of Seyas,  smart life is no longer a scene in the movie-it is achievable and so real now. Besides ZigBee hub and PLC, Seyas Smart Grill was also liked by the audience. This smart grill is specially designed for steak and many other grilling recipes. It can provide the food with ultra precise cooking temperature to every 1, and it can be controlled from the APP on the phone, which keeps people away from smoky cooking and brings them easy and pleasant cooking experience.  

        During the show, Chinese companies were considered to be the overwhelming power in this CES, and Seyas is one of the most shining stars among them. The interesting display from Seyas also attracted lots of medias for interviews and reports. The sales directing manager of Seyas Mr Cheng, being interviewed by the Radio France International, said, ”As the world factory, China used to do a lot of OEM orders in the past, however, nowadays Chinese manufacturers are upgrading their industrial structure and shifting focus onto innovation and creation. Therefore a plenty more high-tech products are made by China now. Meanwhile, we are paying great attention to high standard for quality control, so there will be more and more high-quality but inexpensive products from China to the world.” 

        Seyas Electronics Co., Ltd is committed to the motto “addition and subtraction” for modern lifestyle. That is, on one hand, with ceaseless innovation and technological development, we add more fun, convenience and interactive experience to people’s lives. On the other hand, we simplify the living way and encourage people to enjoy a more natural and simple lifestyle with our smart home appliances. Seyas is growing with you, and we will bring more surprising and interesting products to you soon.

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