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Establishment of Seyas Electronic Co., Ltd

Establishment of Seyas Electronic Co., Ltd

        Seyas Electronic Co.,Ltd was established on 8th March 2016, headquartered in Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, with a R&D Center located in University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, Zhongshan Institute. Seyas is a leading company in R&D, design, production and global sales for smart home appliances.

        Seyas Electronic Co.,Ltd devotes to "addition and subtraction" for modern home life. Addition means to innovate, improving the users’ home life quality and making life comfortable by intelligent technology. Subtraction means to simplify, providing users a simple, close-to-nature home appliance experience.

        "Addition and Subtraction" is our intention but not all. Seyas, depending on the scientific research from the university, adheres to sustainable growths in intelligent technology; pursues product concepts of safety, love, hi-tech, and energy conservation; and seeks the balance among human, technologies and environment. Customers’ support is Seyas’ impetus to improve products, maintain high-end intelligent technology and provide a comfortable, simple and natural lifestyle.

        The founder and main executives of Seyas are MBAs from Sun Yat-Sen University. The founder of Seyas has many years of entrepreneurial experience and established a leading company in stabilized voltage supply products, with an annual turnover over 100 million, and more than 500 employees. Main executives had worked in Global 500 companies for many years.


        Our Mission: To provide smart home appliances for users to enjoy life more.

        Our Vision: To make things connected with each other; To be a world leading creator for smart home appliances.

        Our Values: Innovation is what we were born for. 

        Breaking through limits and sharing the wonder is our responsibility.

        Our pursuit of excellence is to promote progresses of individuals and the company. 

        Teamwork spirits have us collaborate as 0 and 1 in the matrix of a digital circuit-we cannot work out anything without anyone.

        We believe that infinite possibilities can be created by Seyas’ intelligent technology for the future.

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